Home moving credit – advantageously finance a move

Do you plan to change your home interior with modern furniture or did you plan to move to another apartment? Thanks to our furniture credit you can choose a solution that will help you with your home budget. It is an extremely pleasant feeling to be able to wait until the date of the house moves, knowing that the security deposit and the new furniture can be paid on a monthly basis.


A house move is always linked to expenses

A house move is always linked to expenses

A change of address practically always causes unforeseen costs, which add up quickly and can quickly reach a consequent sum. A missing dresser, an expensive broken vase or the colors of the old closet that don’t look good in the new apartment – In the end, all of this will be more expensive than expected. That is why it is advisable to carry out the calculation of all expenses with time, and to take into account the following aspects:

  • double rental payment during changeover time
  • dossier costs
  • rental advances
  • expenses for renovation work on the old and new apartment
  • administrative costs with parish councils
  • acquisition of new technical devices, furniture
  • transport vehicle rental costs
  • payment of the professional change society invoice
  • higher health insurance premiums according to the canton


Fund your rental deposit however you want with online home credit

Fund your rental deposit however you want with <a href=online home credit” />

Your new landlord has the right to ask you for a rental deposit as a guarantee. This can go up to 3 months of rental. A large part of the budget foreseen for moving house is thus spent in this way. The worst thing is that you will not be able to work with this money, as long as the rental contract will last. Our house move credit is then very useful. You can freely decide the use of your financial means at your disposal and protect your nest egg.


Finance furniture

The huge advantage of a furniture credit is that you can buy the furniture of your choice from several stores. You have the freedom to order from a dealer in your area, see on the internet, or even let a custom-made item. Our private credit allows you to pay for your interior decoration simply and flexibly through advantageous monthly payments.


Maintaining a joint vision

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Furniture stores obviously offer financial facilities. This is useful if you buy everything from the same dealer. This is complicated if you go with several suppliers: different contracts, different monthly payments and different sales conditions. With our house move credit, you will have only one partner, as well as a single monthly fee. Calculate the different financing alternatives, using our credit calculator. You have the possibility to complete your furniture and home loan immediately.

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