Myths and truths of acquiring a loan when you are young

November 15, 2018 To the young s er you think your financial stability or decisions regarding this issue are not important. Over time, the fact that you choose your credits properly will help you quickly achieve each of your goals or objectives.   

When you are making the decision, you can be involved in a myriad of beliefs or myths that lead you to get away from a loan, and that is that we have all been made to see the credits as something bad, right? So we ‘ll show is that common beliefs are real and which are not.  


If I buy a loan, I will have to pay it the rest of my life

If I buy a loan, I will have to pay it the rest of my life

False. When acquiring a loan with any bank you must ask to be shown how the payment rates and their amount are agreed; they should tell you what each value corresponds to, so you will have clarity of the term, which you can modify using various tools, the most common being the capital payment.   

Remember that delaying payments can increase debt significantly. Having a good payment culture, you will not affect your budget or your credit history.  


I am fined if I cancel the total debt early

I am fined if I cancel the total debt early

That’s not true. Paying the amount of money that they lent you will not adversely affect you, on the contrary, it will favor your economic stability, since you will decrease the interest charge month by month. Check all the information at the time of applying and verify the conditions to make payments during the term of the credit.   


A loan will make me lose money

A loan will make me lose money

The bad situations you imagine are far from what can actually happen; so do not worry most believing the myth that credit will take you to lose everything, because this only happens in extreme cases where you do not cancel your debt for a long time.  

Before determining if you are going to have a credit, analyze if you can really pay on time, taking into account possible emergencies and other situations that affect your budget.  


If I do not have a credit life or I am independent, the credits are not for me

credit life or I am independent, the credits are not for me

Many times people think that because they do not have a credit life, they will not be able to access a loan or credit, however, although some entities handle this requirement, not all of them implement it in their internal policies, therefore, you should not avoid applying Money believing this myth.  

On the other hand, be independent, It is not a barrier to request the resources you need. As mentioned, you must choose qui Appen want to apply your money and give you qu and facilities on your current work activity. Fincomercio offers you alternatives that are within your reach and fit your needs.  


The main source of financial problems comes from a loan

financial loan

This myth is totally false, since credit is not the problem, but it is the bad financial habits that will cause you to n economic imbalances, therefore, actions such as spending more than you earn or assuming that the money coming from A credit is extra money, it will take you directly to have economic problems.  

To avoid mishaps, you just have to plan the fate of your credit and stick to that purpose, so do not start taking out a few until you are left with nothing.  

The data:

Calculating your level of indebtedness may seem like a difficult task, but we will give you a table with which you can do it and also make an appropriate decision.  

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