What is the National FNA Savings Fund?


In the Savings Incorporated, you must prepare to receive your own home. It is an industrial and commercial company of the Financial State of the national order, reorganized by Law 432 of 1998.

Why save on the FNA? It has an “AAA” rating given by the Fitch Rating entity. Highest qualification in Colombia, additionally, is qualified as Primary Administrator of RMBS1 Credit Financial Assets. Therefore, it places the FNA as the first of its kind.

Save for home purchases

Save for home purchases

This entity gives you the opportunity to save for home purchases, through a voluntary contractual savings account (AVC). Also with mortgage credit for severance payments and / or mortgage credit for AVC.

Arrange your savings for housing in the FNA

Arrange your savings for housing in the FNA

Voluntary contractual savings (AVC) : Individual account that through a contract is agreed to periodically consign a sum of money. The deposit date is agreed upon and upon completing one year of savings, you have the opportunity to request a mortgage loan. In addition, you can add amounts greater than those agreed, but you must support their origin.

Through layoffs, this is a practice of the most used, since they are procedures regulated by the state. With layoffs you have the options to buy housing, build on a lot you have, buy mortgage portfolio or make improvements to used housing.

And thinking of most Colombians, housing leasing has been designed. It gives the opportunity to own the person who as a client has their severance or individual account in the FNA.

Purchase of portfolio is another option, where a mortgage loan with low interest rate is requested. It is a process that allows the transfer of mortgage between financial institutions, without making a new deed.

It should be clarified that for any request made to purchase a home, some requirements must be met. They are the ones who evaluate and assign the score to be able to access the mortgage loan.

Benefits of the products offered by the FNA

-The administration of the savings account has no cost

-The withdrawals made are free

-There are tax benefits for the saver

-Results that are credited to your individual account quarterly.

-There are no penalties for the FNA, if you make advance payment, either full or partial

-According to the plan, you do not need co-debtors to apply for mortgage credit

Do not wait any longer, because you have the great opportunity in your hands to have your own home. 

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